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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

All that talk and no pictures-

After all that talk and hype about the knitting machine and making socks and all that, I don't even show any pictures...GEESH
Well, I actually have very good reason for this!!! I was busy having a blast with the knitting machine!!!!!!
First I cranked out these legwarmers
A couple knitter buddies came over and ooohhhed and aahhhed while I made them. I even had them give it a little go (me-a pusher?! NEVER)
After I got the leg warmers done (which work fabulously while I am out for my walk...very warm legs) I IMMEDIATELY cast on for the socks!!!

This is the short row heel of the sock. This was a piece of cake to do! The only bummer is you still get those pesky holes on the sides. In the future I think I will do an afterthought heel. On the next pair I will actually machine knit the body of the sock and handknit the heel and toe.

This sock as SOOOOOOO fun to do and it whipped out in no time flat (I couldn't pull myself away from the machine to stop so that helped). I even did Fair Isle!!! I was so impressed at how easy Fair Isle is on this knitting machine. You just set a different color yarn on the hook and Viola!!! Fair Isle!!!

Check out the Fair Isle on this bad boy!!! How cool is that!!???!! I know its a super simple design...it was more to just try than anything else, but it turned out so great and it was so easy!!!

I plan to finish it off by hand knitting the toe instead of a doing the short row toe on the machine.

All in all, I love that I can whip out a pair of socks on a flat bed machine. And they look pretty dang good for having a very subtle seam!!! Can't wait to start the next pair!!!

If you have any interest in learning the flat bed knitting machine sock, this is where I got the pattern book


At 5:12 AM, Blogger Macoco said...

Those are gorgeous leg warmers. I've been seeing some knit up lately, almost makes me want a pair!

At 10:42 AM, Blogger cari said...

Lovely knitting!
You can avoid those pesky holes when short-rowing on your knitting machine if you wrap the first needle in holding position on the carriage side on every row (while taking needles out of work - no need to wrap when returning needles to work). To wrap, simply lay the yarn under the first needle in hold and over all the other needles. When you knit across, the yarn will loop around the wrapped needle. When you return that needle to work, the loop will knit in with the stitch on that needle and - voila! - no holes!
Excuse me now - I am inspired to go cast on some leg warmers.
Happy knitting!


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