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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow Day!!!

It's been frickin' cold here lately and we haven't gotten a smidge of snow!!! I know that to most people, the lack of snow is a very good thing, but I like snow!!!!!

So, to cope with the lack of snow, we headed to the mountains to go play for the day! We had a ball! We took all the doggies with us and a couple inner tubes. The inner tubes turned out to both have leaks so we didn't get to use those, but we threw snowballs for the dogs for hours.
I was so impressed that the dogs didn't mind the cold a bit!!! Not even Guppy!
The we attempted to make a giant snowman, but by the time this snowball was as big as it is, it was to heavy for us to move it to a better spot to make the belly and head so we made a giant snow face instead....


Then it was back home and I made great progress on February's Lucky Lurker Pattern...obviously I can't show you what I have so far, but it's coming right along :)

Then I started feeling super crafty and dug out my long lost knitting machine. This thing is a kick! You can whip out stockinette like there is no tomorrow! Adding ribbing is a bit time consuming, but no where near the same time it would take to knit the entire thing by hand.

This was a little project I have been wanting to do for a long time...Legwarmers! Yes, seriously, legwarmers!!!! I go walking and I don't have many long socks and each night I do go, I think 'man, I wish I had a pair of legwarmers' :) Don't laugh!! Yes, seriously, legwarmers!!!!! The 80s are coming back you know!!!!! :)

I will be showing these bad boys (or would it be girls) off real soon!!!


At 6:03 AM, Blogger Macoco said...

ooh the knitting machine! There's one at my grandparent's house that they always asked me to take...but never did because it looked pretty scary.


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