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Monday, January 28, 2008

You make my Day

I was nominated for a 'You Make My Day' award by Liberty's Yarn and was absolutely flattered to hear this!!!
Now, I will nominate those that Make My Day all the time...
Though I am probably not supposed to nominate the person that nominated me, Liberty deserves this award is soooo many ways. She is the first to offer help whenever I am in a pinch, she remembers everyone's birthday, she remembers what you did last week and askes you how it went, she is always calm in the midst of two very active children, she knows every cool fibery activity that is going on AND participates, even with two very active children, she is an amazing chef, a talented knitter, and a spectacular friend. Liberty is a Rock Star and she makes my day all the time.
I will also nominate my hubby, Mr Ken...this guy is the most happy-go-lucky guy you will ever know. The best friend you could ever hope to have. The most inventive carpenter a girl in need of knitting do-hickies could ever hope for. Calm and kind to everyone, silly and goofy whenever possible. All around, one of the most amazing people I know!!! He makes my day every day.
And three other people, whom I have never met, make my day...Macoco, Jana, and Thomasean, make my day with their wonderful comments, e-mails and ravelry posts. These gals encourage me in so many ways, and I bet they didn't even know it!!!
Thank you for making my day!!!


At 5:28 AM, Blogger Macoco said...

Thank you so much, you're so sweet!

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Liberty's Yarn said...

I totally don't deserve all this wonderful sweetness. Thank you very much.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Jana Ames said...

Thank you Angie, you are so sweet. Oh and by the way I got my February Lucky Lurker (talk about speedy) and I actually ahh'd when I opened it. One word - perfect. I can't say anything about it or the pattern ;) because I don't want to spoil, but (as usual) you did great. I just finished the Mariner limited colorway socks for my bil with cancer and I know for a fact if his brother wasn't sick, my hubby would have kept them. The blues are so perfect and the white makes them pop. Hear what I just said = A MAN appreciated your yarn. I hope no one fainted, because my sil also loved them. Unfortunately that colorway is rarer than my dog passing up food -ha. She is on a diet with 1/4 C kibble and as many steamed carrots as she can eat. The vet said if I don't put her on the diet her little legs will break when she jumps (made me cry)
Thanks again, Angela - you make my day!


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