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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A package arrived for me!!!

I spent the day yarning and running errands. It was cold and rainy and traffic was miserable. The errands took me twice as long as I would have imagined (isn't that always the case) and I was hungry. I don't eat fast food, my tummy was rumbling to hurry home. I was getting drenched as I ran to the door and right there on my door step was a suprise package!!!!

I immediately looked at the return address and noticed it was my 'Yarn Ho' and it was addressed to her 'Yarn Pimp', names that had become just as Duet Sock Yarns began to be discovered just over one year ago. My 'Yarn Ho', like so many of my Lurkers, have been with me since day one.

On more than one occasion, her e-mails of encouragement, compliments and general conversation would have me absolutely rolling in hysterics as I read them. Often Mr Ken would be in the background asking, "what are you laughing at in there?" My 'Yarn Ho' had a way of putting things that would make me laugh hard enough to have tears in my eyes!!!

Not only did she send me this super cool book...she had it signed just for me by Cat Bordhi

Thomasean (Yarn Ho), I am sending you a great big hug via this blog right now!!!! You ROCK!!! I definitely gotta come do a show in your town so that I can meet you in person!!!! :)

A thank you to every one of you who take the time leave a comment here on this blog or an e-mail through the website, you are the reason that these yarns have become what they are...you are the reason I keep making them!!!


At 6:52 AM, Anonymous Thomasean (a.k.a. yo ho) said...

WOW Angi,
That looks soooo neat in cyberspace.

Don't worry, I'll have a blog soon.
I'm lovin yours.

Congradulations again.

At 5:22 AM, Blogger JudyMac said...

Nice one! I keep debating that book, do review it for us all!


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