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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I actually felt Glee

It's a word that doesn't really get used all that much-Glee!
It's that super happy feeling of excitement over something...that something for me was this

This is an instruction book on how to make socks on a flat bed knitting machine (I am so excited to tell you about this my fingers won't even type correctly). The knitting machine I showed off in my last post can whip out socks in no time flat. HOW COOL IS THAT??!!

There will be a seam, but there are things you can do like put it on the inside of the foot or get really really good at seaming so no one notices...for now I am going for putting it on the inside of the foot.

I CANNOT wait to get some yarn on the knitting machine to try it out. You need multiple weights when making socks, so I had to order those and now I have to wait until they arrive to get started..UGH, the agony of waiting until a package arrives....

Now I know how you all feel when you are waiting for the Duet Sock Yarns to arrive at your door :)


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