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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

Aaaahhhh, back home after a fabulous weekend at Canby OR's Flock and Fiber Festival. The camper is FINALLY unloaded and I have almost caught my breath from the whirlwind of preperations for the show.

I had a great time! The weather could not have been more perfect! These are some quick shots of my booth. The location was great! They had a spinning triathalon right near my booth which was such a kick to watch. And if you are wondering what in the world that would be, it was a contest to see which team could spin the piece of yarn long enough to cross the finish line first (one person was spinning while the other drafted the fiber and walked backwards with their ply of yarn). That was fun to watch!!! I also got to meet some of the nicest knitters EVER! One couple came to my booth and as I was asking them if they were familiar with Duet Socks Yarns, she said "OH YES" and at that moment he pulled up his pant leg to show off a gorgeous pair of lizard rock duet socks! He even when on to say how much he loved them! He was even kind enough to show them off to some interested passerbys!

Mr Ken was a festival husband for the weekend. He kept and eye on the dogs, made all the meals and brought hot cooked lunches to our booths. What a guy! More than once or twice those lunches almost got snagged by other knitters as he carried them to the booth :)

As for shopping at OFFF, I was a very very very good girl (maybe too good). I tried and tried to justify the purchase of the Louet Victoria spinning wheel...but knowing I have a very portable drop spindle, I could not. I tried and tried to justify the purchase of a pygora fleece, but knowing I had 7 fleeces (NO, NONE of the are pygora!!!) I told myself I had to finish spinning those before I added to my stash.

So, I left with this beautiful merino/tencel roving and teeny bit of fake cashmere! That's IT! This is an absolute record for me!!!! I started spinning the roving and it has a very different feel than my usual merino or BFL rovings! I love the luster in the roving, but I am a bit indifferent about how shiny the yarn is looking. I will save my final opinion for after I ply it...I have never knit with shiny yarn, it's never really been my thing, so we will see.

All in all a great time!!! And since knit night was last night, it was fun to hear what everyone else found while they were down there. One of our 'knotty knitters' went completely off the wagon and bought a Lendrum wheel, combs, fleece and yarn! The amazing part is this person wasn't me or Joanne...WOW!

For those of you who were there, I hope you had as great of time as I did! For those of you much too far away to join in the fun, I hope you have a fiber festival just as fabulous near you!!!


At 5:52 PM, Blogger sherriknits said...

Thanks for showing what the booth looked like for those who wanted to go and couldn't! My customers thought you were wonderful! :)

At 3:21 AM, Blogger Soo said...

Sounds like a fab time!! And how good do those photos of skeins and skeins of gorgeous yarn look! Yummmm!

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Erica said...

Your booth was awesome...I couldn't resist buying even more for my stash and the BF will get more socks to show off for next year! :)

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Erik said...

you can see ze socks in action here:

Lizard Diving Socks

and my few pics from the OFFF are in this set: OFFF


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