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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Can I get an OOooh Aaaahhh?!

The shops have been requesting it...I thought about it...and decided to go for it.
Some of the wonderful shops that carry Swell Yarn Duet Collection will now be able to carry roving for their customer's spinning delight!
You wanna know a secret?! I love all of these colors so much I kinda want to keep them all for myself :) There is nothing like bright fun colors to get me in the mood to do a project!!

In knitting news, I have been plugging away on the Lucky Lurker Pattern for May (which you don't get to see) but when I am knitting in public and run the risk of bumping into a Lucky Lurker I have been working on this! I am soooooo loving this sweater! I have only worked on it for 3 very short intervals and I am nearly finished with the back already! How great is that?! I can already tell this will be a new favorite sweater! :)

With the free time that Mr Ken and I can grab up, we have run off to our new property to working on making it a fun camping place for our family and friends. We have been busting our hineys so much that coming home and working is actually more relaxing!!! The latest task was cutting down and cleaning up a dead tree. Sounds simple enough, but the friggin' rounds are heavy! I was ready for bed at 8pm that day!!! The next luxury item is the outhouse...because we don't want our friends and family to have to rough it completely! :)

Guppy is giving his approval on the progress so far! :)


At 5:48 PM, Blogger jennifersm said...

Oh, how exciting--I keep hoping to find my club shipment in the mail! In the meantime, I'm working on the same sweater. I just finished the back and am working through the right front. I'm loving it myself!


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