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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

March Lucky Lurker

I can safely guess that all the Lucky Lurker's recieved their final installment of Lucky Lurker Yarn of the Month Club.
I was really excited about this pattern because it was an oppurtunity to show that Duet Sock Yarns aren't just for socks! Duet Yarns are great for any pattern that has a coordinating color as an accent...what's even better is when a pattern does call for a coordinating accept, Duet Yarns have the accent color that you can be certain is a perfect pair!
This scarf was inspired by a number of vintage magazines and patterns I had been flipping through lately. The scalloped edge and brooch like flower helped create the perfect look.
I hope this inspired a few lucky lurkers to try out some non-sock patterns with their duet yarns...maybe a baby item, a pair of gloves, a doggy sweater, whatever has caught your eye!!!
I offer apologies in advance if this adds to the Duet addiction!!! :)
Happy knitting!


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