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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oprah exposed Puppymills!!!

Last week, one of the greatest things happend on the Oprah show...

She exposed Puppymills and where puppies in a petstore come from!
As you know, I passionately want to help stop puppymills...but it is a huge battle and without everyone first knowing where puppies in a petstore come from, it's a battle that is tough to fight.
Last week on the Oprah show, millions of viewers finally learned where those cute little puppies in a petstore come from and it wasn't pretty!!!!
I am sooooooo thankful that so many more people now know about puppymills.
It was a difficult show to watch because I have researched all the details of what happens to the poor breeder dogs. I had to walk away from the television to stop the tears as they showed the horrible abuse that goes on.
Female dogs with tumors from feeding their hundreds of puppies, filthy conditions, chains that had grown into the necks of dogs, dogs that couldn't bark because a pole was shoved down their throat, dogs that didn't know how to walk because they had never touch a piece of ground in their life.
I hope this is the first in huge steps to stop puppymills and the sale of puppies in petstores.
If you had the oppurtunity to catch the show, I hope you now understand why you get the puppymill brochure in your package when you order from me.
The only thing that needs to happen to stop puppymills is never to buy a puppy from a petstore...no matter what!!!!


At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is partly why I can justify my membership in the Lucky Lurkers - I'm glad that part of the money goes towards this cause, Angi.

My mom is a dog groomer and rescued 3 poodles from a breeder who basically ran a puppy mill. These dogs were soooo incredibly sad. They were terrified to be outside of their little crates ever, had issues with their muscles because they hadn't used them and were so crusty with filth that my mom basically had to shave them almost down to the skin. None of them were house trained and basically did their "business" in their crate. And one of them was almost 10 years old...poor little thing had lived her whole life like that.

It's nice to know that those little dogs lived the last years of their life in a good environment, but from then on, I decided I'd always get my dogs from the pound. :)


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