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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another little heart broken

As you might imagine, yesterday was a very difficult day.
I contacted animal control to file a report. They needed the report to be as detailed as possible. The images of the vicious attack flash through my mind over and over as it is. Recounting the event in frame by frame detail (I witnessed the entire thing) proved to be a challenge in composure-I didn't win that challenge.
Then I noticed there was another heart breaking. Poor Macquiri spent the entire day waiting for Holly to come home. He seemed bewildered when they weren't doing their usual acrobatic rountine in the yard first thing in the morning. The flips and running bolts across the yard with eachother. Then, for the remainder of the day he simply waited on the deck for her to come home...watching every inch of the back yard, just waiting. Ugh! If only there were a way to explain to a kitty what is going on. They've been together since they were weeks old...they've never been apart.
Ken and I talked to every neighbor that borders these dogs house. Every one of them is aware that there is a problem and has been aware for years! Every one presumes the fence will keep them safe. The neighbors most closely bordering have had issues, we urged them to send in additional information to animal control. I got the impression they don't want to make any waves. I am soooo wishing that they do the right thing...not just for us and our kitty, but for the continued danger these dogs present. I understand not wanting make waves becasue you still have to live next to your neighbor, but sometimes the risk is too much to ignore.
If you have any extra wishes to spare today, please send one to our neighbors that they will send in additional information against these dogs!!


At 10:06 AM, Blogger AmyPinSeattle said...

Oh man! This completely sucks!

Did the attack happen in the neighbors back yard or outside their yard? If it was outside their yard, there should be no issue with getting them picked up and held by Animal Control!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Jana said...

My deepest sympathy - that is awful. Please neighbors - Angela does all she can to help animals, can one of you please help her?


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