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A blog about opening A Swell Yarn Shop, knitting and the rest of the stuff that makes life fun :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mailing List Operational

Happy dance time! The mailing list seems to be working now...so those of you on www.aswelllyarnshop.com subscription list probably got hit with a few announcements today and I do apologize for overloading your e-mail boxes. Now that it is working, I swear you will only get one at a time! :)

Finally!!! Some real progress on this never ending afghan. It is a dang good thing I love this afghan so much, otherwise it would have been long since packed away. I have about 64 more solid pink squares to make to equal the number of colored squares remaining. At that point I see how big the afghan is and figure out how much bigger to make it with borders or what ever other clever idea I come up with.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Black Sheep Festival

2:45am Saturday morning the alarm goes off. I roll out of bed thinking this is crazy!!! Time to get ready for my roadtrip to Eugene OR for the Black Sheep Festival. Ken gets my cup of coffee ready and sends me on my way with the lunch he packed for me. It's still dark when I meet Karen and Marian @ 5am! We hit the road and make great time. Since Marian can't knit or read in the car, she was generous enough to do most of the driving while Karen and I got to work on our knitting projects. I made myself cozy in the back seat and finished a pair of socks during this road trip. The Black Sheep Festival was OK. As a knitter I had hoped for more finished yarns, but if I were an avid spinner I would have been in seventh heaven!!! Even though I am not much of a spinner, I did manage to find several things I could not live without :P All in All it was a fun trip... fun conversations with the backs of Karen and Marian's head for 10 hours and the chance to knit alllllll day long- does a Saturday get much better than that?! Here are a few more pictures from our trip.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Ga@dfli*ng*in#* mailing list!!! Just got great new yarns from Sleeping Dragon and can't figure out the fa#rg@*in mailing list to let people know! So those of you who read this blog will be the first to see the new yarns...See, there is a bright side to everything :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's official...I am an insane knitter!!! A group of us Eastside Stitchers are going meet up @ 5am Saturday morning to drive to Eugene, OR for the Black Sheep Gathering. Eugene, OR?! You say in disbelief... Yep, we are driving 5+ hours from Seattle, WA to Eugene, OR and back that night- all in the name of finding new and exciting yarns. I have started planning the knitting projects I am going to be working on during the drive... I am sure I will have lots of finished projects to post when we get back in addition to all the great stuff I am sure to find at the festival! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The ribbon is cut, the doors are open and
A Swell Yarn Shop
is up and running!!!!
Come check us out at www.aswellyarnshop.com
We are offering 15% now
through July 4th to kick things off
Simply enter coupon code GD70505
at the bottom of your shopping page
and you will get 15% off your entire purchase.
Shipping is free on any purchase over $30.00
So put on your party hats, tell your friends
and come help us kick off our GRAND OPENING
We look forward to seeing you there!!
Happy Knitting ~Angela

Monday, June 20, 2005

One Day Wonder

We called this our 'One Day Wonder' camping trip. With summer weekends booked with birthdays, weddings and BBQs through July and the urge for camping stronger than ever, we had one free night available so Ken and I took off for a night of camping. It was the new camper's first 'middle of no where' camping trip. I was once a person who thought it wasn't camping unless you slept in a soggy tent with a rock in your back...I am now I huge advocate for camper camping (which comes with hot water and a soft bed)!!!
This photo is when Ken suddenly stopped the truck, hopped out for no apparent reason and jumped back in with a bunch of daisies (my favorite flowers) for me. Am I lucky or what?! Here are some more photos of our trip

Friday, June 17, 2005

Here's to my sister

What a trooper she is...With a repeatedly delayed diagnosis, not being able to eat for days, heading back to a different hospital, new tests being preformed, alllllll the waiting, and now recouperating at Mom's... I have got to hand it to my little sister for being such a trooper through this whole thing!!! She took everything in stride and tried to smile when she could. I am so proud of my little sister! I am hoping for a speedy recovery- You Go Girl!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The A Swell Yarn Shop site has been open to test shoppers for a few days and so far only a handful of bumps and hurdles have been found! Thanks to all the shoppers for your suggestions and thoughts that you came up with while shopping the site. It is so helpful to have new sets of eyes checking it out. Be sure to sign up to be notified when the site opens to the public. Just go to A Swell Yarn Shop

Monday, June 13, 2005

Exciting News!!! Today, I opened up the site to a group of people to be the first to shop at A Swell Yarn Shop. This is the first time the site has been seen by someone other than the web designer and me! If you want to be notified when the site is open to the public just go to A Swell Yarn Shop and click on the link to be on the mailing list. Any minute now........

Thursday, June 09, 2005

My Sister

My brave, beautiful little sister is starting to feel better and they say she gets to go home tomorrow :) Yay!!!!!! Thank you everyone for all your positive thoughts, e-mails and support!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

An Update

Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts for my sister. Her symptoms have not started to improve and she has been put through many tests to determine what is wrong. Unfortunately, she is in a bit of pain as a result of those tests and she is still waiting to hear the diagnosis. They have started treatment for what they think it may be, but I hate to say what it is until they know for sure. She hopes to get to go home tomorrow, but there is a chance she will have to stay through the remainder of the week. She has been such a trooper and it's been neat to see her tiny half of the room constantly full of people- she is definitely loved by many.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Need your happy thoughts

My little sister has been admitted to Overlake Hospital and I need any extra get well thoughts you want to send out! I am supposed to wait another 1 1/2 hours before I head over and the last 9 minutes have taken an eternity!!! So I thought I would send out this request for get well thoughts and prays while I wait!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Take Me Out to the Ball Game so I can knit

What a great way to spend a Sunday! Out of the blue, Ken was given Mariner's tickets for a 1pm game, so to Safeco Field we went :) We were pretty early, so I worked on some granny squares until the game started. I had to put the crochet away after the first pitch since stray balls were a very frequent event in the area we were sitting and I needed to keep a look out. The game was tied up for most of the time, but the Mariner's won in the last inning! WooHoo!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Shuffle Up and Deal

Knitters can be gambler's too! Saturday a few of us knitters got together and brought our boys to a friendly game of Texas Hold'em. Jesper (Diana's guy) had all the cool poker stuff and Ben (Karen's guy) & Ken (my guy) duked it out as final two. They were so evenly matched the game could have gone for hours since they just kept winning the pot back from the other person. They ended up splitting the pot so we could call it a night. I had a great time and look forward to the next game :)

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Curse Continues

Have I mentioned I have TERRIBLE luck with cars? Well, I do!!! Old car or new, you are likely to find me stranded on the side of some road. My 2003 VW Beetle has upheld that tradition once again. This is a picture of Ken, giving me the 'Try Again' command as he tried to give my car a jump start. We finally got the car to Chaplins (which has the worst service department around) and they had the nerve to ask me if I had an appointment!!! I had forgotten to schedule my car's break down with them!!! After a bit of back and forth and letting me know they wouldn't be able to get to my car for 2 1/2 weeks and me letting them know that was unacceptable- they said they would make an expection just this once and anticipate the car being done by Tuesday. To anyone thinking of getting a car...DO NOT GO TO CHAPLIN'S!!! They sales department is sweet as sugar, but their service department is bitter as vinegar!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

So close and yet so far

It seems like the site is so close to opening up, then another glitch comes along. I am sitting here biting my nails waiting to hear back from tech support on how to un-glitch the glitches. Once these problems are fixed up, I will be able to open it up for a few test shoppers...I will keep you posted :)

I need your opinion...This is what I think I am going to use for my business cards... What do you think?

People ask me all the time if Guppy actually wears all his sweaters. I thought I would snap this picture of Guppy wearing his sweater on this slightly chilly June morning. So the answer the frequently asked question is; not only does he where all his sweaters- he wears them in the middle of summer. And not only does he wear them in the middle of summer, he also shivers the whole way to work :P

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How lucky am I?! I got home last night to find this pretty bouquet of flowers waiting for me! What a romantic guy Ken is! I could get used to getting spoiled like this :) I think I'll keep him ;)