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Friday, December 17, 2010

Painfully long upload times.......

I would love to keep this blog updated, I really would....
But I only have a few baby free moments a day to do so. Generally, her 15 minutes naps are the only oppurtunity I really have. That precious 15 minutes, if it is not used to eat food, pay bills or fold laundry, could be my blog posting time.
COULD being the important word here.
The painfully looooooooooong upload times take every bit of every second of those few spare minutes. In the end, the post is a hurried mess and I left out half of what I wanted to document.
And so...instead of thoughtfully written and documented moments of time, Facebook wins with instant posting and picture sharing. Though, not everyone can see what is going on as publicly...at least it gets posted.
Oh blogger, how I wish you would update your technology.....


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