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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Black Sheep Festival

2:45am Saturday morning the alarm goes off. I roll out of bed thinking this is crazy!!! Time to get ready for my roadtrip to Eugene OR for the Black Sheep Festival. Ken gets my cup of coffee ready and sends me on my way with the lunch he packed for me. It's still dark when I meet Karen and Marian @ 5am! We hit the road and make great time. Since Marian can't knit or read in the car, she was generous enough to do most of the driving while Karen and I got to work on our knitting projects. I made myself cozy in the back seat and finished a pair of socks during this road trip. The Black Sheep Festival was OK. As a knitter I had hoped for more finished yarns, but if I were an avid spinner I would have been in seventh heaven!!! Even though I am not much of a spinner, I did manage to find several things I could not live without :P All in All it was a fun trip... fun conversations with the backs of Karen and Marian's head for 10 hours and the chance to knit alllllll day long- does a Saturday get much better than that?! Here are a few more pictures from our trip.


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