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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Daddy's little Seahawk fan

If you know my husband, you know he is a Seahawk's fan. Not the kind that starts rooting for them once they make it to the play-offs, or just when he happens to catch a game...but an ALL OUT, DIE-HARD, THE WORLD STOPS ON SUNDAYS (during football season), WIN OR LOOSE-HE IS SCREAMING AT THE TV FOR THEM, fan.Well, the Seahawks did something amazing; even though they had a loosing record, they managed to make it to the play-offs this year. So, my sweet P's daddy got to dress her for the occasion!
That's right, she is dressed head to toe in Seahawks gear...right down to her teether!!! I have to admit, she makes a dang cute Seahawk's fan!

Daddy's hoping some day she will join him, on Sundays, in screaming at the TV and rooting his favorite team on (because momma doesn't get it!)


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