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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The maiden dye batch

For the very first time EVER, I dyed my first batch of yarn in my new very own yarn workshop!!! I finally got most of my supplies moved into the new shop. At this point I just need to do a bit of fine tuning on placement of things so that I can easily grab and reach everything I need. But all in all, it worked out fabulously!! Check out this Prickly Catcus.

Since my workshop is in our garage, I work with the door open. It was a gorgeous 70 degree April day (a very exciting thing in itself here in the NW) and my excitement for the weather and this maiden dye batch rolled over into the fabulously bright colors I created! This Citrus Blast speaks for itself!
One such color is this absolutely yummy Buttercup. I know you yellow lovers out there don't get thrown a bone very often, but this yellow is totally worth the wait! It is a soft butter yellow with delicate apricot sweeps within it. Seriously the prettiest yellow I have ever seen.
Then I got really crazy and kooky with the coordinating color here. How about this Spring Greens? The perfect spring green coupled with a seedling green-it is rare indeed that the coordinating color is lighter than the main color!
The shop is going to be fabulous! As I work on getting all the wrinkles ironed out and everything running smoothly, more and more batches will be headed to the website. Start your lurking :)


At 9:13 AM, Blogger Thistle Creek Photography said...

These are yummy looking, especially the greens!


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