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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Are you kidding me????

Today is April 1st and unfortunately the scene outside is no joke. It is snowing! UGGHHHHHH!!!
Generally, I am the first to welcome the white flakey wonders enjoy the brisk chill of the breeze it brings, but this year is a little different.
All through 'winter' I welcomed the white fluffy stuff with appreciative thoughts...even as I had to have my hubby take me to the post office to safely drop off Lucky Lurker packages in 18" of snow.
We roped a sled to the back of a pick up and enjoyed local sledding fun.
We enjoyed what we had while we had it, thinking it would some day go away.
That was over 4 months ago. My appreciation has worn off!!!!

This year I have little chicky girls newly outside that I want to see happy and comfortable not thrust into the harsh cold temperatures of a season past.

I have seedlings that are over taking our kitchen because I can't put them outside to get aclimated because it's too darn cold. I have another tray ready to get off the little germinating heating pad and there is just no room left for them!

It's been so soggy we can't get the plastic on the green house and so cold we can't put the plants outside even if we could.

I am just ready for spring. So April Fool's Day-you've had your fun, the jokes on me. Now bring on the sun!!!!!


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