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Saturday, February 28, 2009

They grow up so fast!

It is absolutely amazing how fast these little buggers grow!
It has only been 3 days since they were hatched and they already have wing feathers! It was soooo cool to watch too. I looked at them first thing in the morning yesterday and they each only had a feather or two...by that evening, they had their whole first row of feathers. By today, they are already working on the second row!
And what little cuties they are.
I can already tell which one is a bit of a bully. I read that to keep pecking at eachother down, you need to keep their boredom down. So I sprinkle little bits of spreaded paper at one time, put wooden perchs in at another time, toilet paper rolls later, etc.It seems to be working so far...I haven't seen the horrific cannibal pecking that I read can happen, but the sense of urgency to get the coop done as they grow so quickly is definitely on us.

So, thanks to my husbands endless skills as a carpenter, we whipped out the frame of the coop last night.
What you see is a coop that stands 8' tall and there will be a door I can walk into at this end. Then the platform you see will be their 'coop' portion with the roosts and the nesting boxes and it will be closed in. The floor/ground area will be entirely open except for the ramp leading into the coop.

They say you need 5 sq ft of space per bird, if you count just the floor area, they have that! If the coop area and all the roosts are added to that, then we totally have room for like 5 more chickens :) hubby isn't going for this calculation so I think we will stay put with our 9!!!!

But seriously, 9 chickens will give us more than enough eggs and entertainment.

I already have a waiting list for the eggs!!! Everyone loves farm fresh eggs!!!!!! :)


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