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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've said it before...now I'll say it again

It truly amazes me that within only a few weeks these chicks look almost like, welll-chickens! Every day is a new batch of feathers or a scruffy area that is about to turn into feathers.

Each day, they get a little more skittish and a little more rambunctious.

If they seem bored or just done scratching at the ground 'cuz they can't find anything new, I simply sprinkly in a little shredded paper and they go CRAZY!!!!!! At first it seems to be the happiest moment of their entire life, then one chick grabs a pieces (of the hundreds) and starts running in circles. All the other chicks start chasing after her because she must have the very best piece available. It is hilarious to watch the excitement!

I do believe they will be out in their snazzy new coop in about a week! The coop is actually very cool...they are definitely going to be the coolest chickens on the block :)


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Ms. Angie said...

Chickens! They remind me of, well, when I had some little chickens. They will get big fast!


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