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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Past Lucky Lurker Packages

As I sit here with the website, making sure there are no spontaneous blimps as people sign up for the next round of the Lucky Lurker Club, I realized that I can now safely share the photos of the last round of the Lucky Lurker packages!

This was September's Lucky Lurker package featuring a smocking stitch that I absolutely fell in love with. The stitch is one that looks so fancy, but is such a cinche to do!!! This sock knit up so fast! I sooooooo wanted to add a little pom-pom on the cuff for a real 'Snow Bunny' feature, but I restrained myself :)

Next up was the October Lattice Pattern. It featured the 'Skinny' Duet Sock Yarn, so I new I wanted something with a bit of a lace look to really show off what the yarn could do, but I didn't want to have it too 'holey' with the chill of winter around the corner. The stitch is so simple...three little stitches make this cool lattice look!

Then, there was the November Sock...OMG, I love love love this one! It was actually my first knee high sock! I had, until this sock, only used the XXL for men's socks. When it was time to create the design for November, I really wanted to do something pretty and delicate, but still autumn feeling-a bit of a switch from my usual visions that I have for the XXL when I am knitting for Mr Ken :P And, once again, the pattern is so easy to do but looks so delicate!

So there is the last three months of Lucky Lurker Club....and I have to tell ya, it is soooooooo hard not to share the progress as I work on these designs! From cast on to finish there is lots of starts and start overs, lots of frogging and lots of stich pattern books flipped through. And all the ideas must be top secret! What's even more difficult in some of the Lucky Lurker members are in my weekly knitting group and great friends I see often, so I have to hide all evidence at all times! I have become a very 'stealth' knitter :)


At 6:26 PM, Blogger sharon said...

I don't know how you come up with those patterns and yarns.
I sent my thankful yarn and pattern to my Harvest Sock Swap Partner and feel a little twinge every time I see someone else with it. Oh well, there are only 30 other patterns in queue anyways.
Great job!

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the color on that wall. It reminds me of chocolate. Also, the scarf-which-will-be-a-wrap looks delicious too. Lucky Lurker socks look very fun indeed. It's a good thing you didn't do the pom-pom on the sock--The ones I did on my Chocolate Decadence socks have been taken off because they didn't survive washing very well. They were just not as pretty after 4-5 washes, and I was even hand washing! The socks themselves are as beautiful as ever though. Love 'em!


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