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Friday, November 09, 2007

Where's the Yarn?!

If you are a regular checker of my website by now you have to be wondering, 'where the heck is some new yarn!?'
Well I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a techy and the place where I load the pictures (like my technical terms?) won't let me load the pictures! So I have beautiful new Middy's to add, and CAN'T!!!!!! UUuuuuggghhh! But I am working on getting that fixed by someone far more skilled than me at that stuff!
But, while I am admitting how completely inept I am at techy stuff, I will share another experience to demonstrate this.
I have an MP3 player (I miss the days of a mixed tape in a walkman). Well, I really don't know how to work the dang thing. I had been loading songs and books and stuff, but I don't know how to create files so everything is one big ole long list of all the stuff I had added. So when I added something new I had to search through the big ole long list to find the new thing and transfer it to the MP3 player. Well, I got a little tired of this whole process and decided to 'clean it up'. Thinking that since I had already put that book into my books playlist and that song into my 'song playlist' I assumed that if I deleted it from the main bunch of downloads it would remain in my playlists. So I highlighted everything, EVERYTHING, and hit delete. Yeah.....it turns out when you delete it from that original list it is gone from every playlist it was in. I ended up with a completely blank MP3 player!!!!
Now I have to figure out how to load songs all over again!
So you see, I miss the days of a mixed tape and a walkman and I now understand how my parents must have felt when VCRs came out and they had to have us kids set the clock on the dang thing......
Maybe I need my 11 year old neice come over and help me out with all this techy stuff!!! :)


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