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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yarn coming out my nose...literally!

So, I get a little tickle in my nose...I rub my nose a little. I get another tickle in my nose and sniffle a bit. I get another tickle in my nose and finally grab a tissue. What to my wondering eyes should appear...pink fibers, purple fibers, lime green fibers, OH MY!!!
I have been reskeining like there is no tomorrow!
If you are drooling over the new colors, you will be happy to know that these will be on their way to Pick Up Sticks on Wednesday. As a matter of fact, also keep your eyes on The Yarn Grove and The Loopy Ewe for amazing new colorways of Duet Sock Yarns.
During the month of June over 750 skeins of yarn will have left A Swell Yarn Shop!!! Holy Moly...that's about 500 more than have ever made it out the door in one month. (patting myself on the back right now) That's lots and lots of Duet Sock Yarns just waiting to get on your knitting needles :) I think a few of you might be telling some people about the Duet Sock Yarns! LOL!
What's up for next month....lots and lots of Skinny Duet Sock Yarns!!!!


At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too funny. Me, I've got mulch that's making me sneezze, you've got fibers! I guess if you work with something long enough, it's bound to happen! I'm off to look up Native American rain dances, so a) the garden doesn't need watered; b) I can stop worrying about the well because I'm watering the garden; c) I can go back to long showers without worrying about the well; and d) if it's raining and I can't work outside, that means more knitting time!

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's awesome Angi.. Minus the yarn boogies.
Congrats girl!


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