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Monday, April 23, 2007

Proper Care and Feeding of your new Duet Socks

So now that you have a gorgeous new pair of Duet Socks you'll want to care for them properly.
Many of you already have a special way of taking care of your hand knit socks, but for those of you who don't, here are a few suggestions:
As I finish a new pair of socks, I test a variety of ways to caring for them, ranging from extra gentle care to extreme roughness. Here's what I have found...
*Prior to washing your finished item, first soak your socks in a VERY HOT bath of vinegar and water to keep colors from bleeding. This is a tip I have lived by since the day I started sewing as a little girl. This is also a great idea with new multi-color clothing or fabrics you may have.
*Always turn your new socks inside out when you wash (you probably learned this tip long ago with sweaters and sweatshirts...it's a good idea with your socks too!) Even in the harshest wash cycles I have sent these socks through I haven't gotten any pilling, but it does start to halo. Turning the socks inside out keeps the halo on the inside.
*It is best to hand wash your new Duet Socks and warm water is just fine. You may choose to use the gentle cycle wash load. Avoid regular aggitation wash cycles! Also, Avoid regular detergents!!!!! I have found regular detergents far too harsh for hand dyed items and causes fading.
*You can air dry or dry on low heat in the dryer. I suggest either drying the socks seperately or with a load of socks-because of the haloing. I have ALWAYS dried the socks in the dryer and haven't noticed any bad effects.
Obviously, the more gentle you are with your hand knit items the better, but these are tips I found from being extra rough on the socks, so I could share the results with you.
Happy knitting!!!


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