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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oh La La

I did a few more batches of yarn over the weekend... here is my favorite one :)

What a full weekend. Friday, Ken went in for surgery to get a bump removed and he is doing peachy keen now! He came back a little loopy, so that was fun to tease him about. Other than that, he is just left with a stitched up cut.
I also headed out with my gals in search of some bride's maid dresses and could NOT find pink anything!!!! I was absolutely shocked. I really thought it would be a piece of cake to find a bride's maid dress in regular pink. I also couldn't find a darn thing in Lime Green either. I have found a place on-line to order dresses, but then my bride's maids don't get to try it on first. The other option is to see what comes out in spring at the department stores. Not sure what to do at this point!! Any suggestions?
Saturday was a fun day for both Ken and I, he headed off to the sportsmen show and I headed off to the salon. I got my hair colored back to all dark brown...I am still adjusting to it, it seems a bit dark to me!
Over the entire weekend, I made some serious progress on both my Clapotis and my Vogue Cardigan (pictures to come) I am just about to the decreasing point on the Clapotis and I have only the sleeves and seaming left on the cardigan!!! WooHOO!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The supplies for the wedding favors have arrived and most of the fixin's for some wedding decorations have been picked up...now it's time to make these odds and ends into something funl!!! Thanks to Martha Stewart for the ideas, these items will be pretty dang cute when we are done with them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I've been tagged

Well, it looks like I have been tagged by Random Snapshots aka Elizabeth...so now you get to learn a little about me....
Here goes nothing :P
Four movies you would watch over and over:
Sliding Doors
Family Man
Any of the 10 seasons of Friends
The list could go on much longer...I am a movie nut

Four places you have lived:
Vancouver, WA
Bellevue, WA
Bellingham, WA
Renton, WA
This apple didn't fall far from the tree

Four TV shows you love to watch:
actually, that's the only show I make time to watch

Four places you have been on vacation:
Cancun, Mexico
Neah Beay, WA
New York, NY
Las Vegas, NV

Four websites you visit daily:
ae.com (not daily, but pretty often to check their clearance stuff)
google.com and from there who knows where I will go
pokerstars.com (yep, I like a little Texas Hold'em)

Four of your favorite foods:
Homemade Tacos with fried shells

Four places you would rather be right now:
At home knitting with a movie
For a walk at the dog park
Cancun Mexico
Las Vegas, NV

Four bloggers you are tagging:
The knitwitt http://knittwitsblog.blogspot.com/
D-Made http://d-made.blogspot.com/
Passionknit http://passionknit.typepad.com/

~have fun :)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Started this cable cardi from Vogue Knitting. I am using Bollicine Victor which is my new favorite yarn...sorry Cascade Sierra(my all-time favorite yarn) I will be back this summer. It's a chunky weight so I imagine that it will knit up very quickly. I need it quick because it seems like this 25 day rain streak here in the Seattle area has also brought some noticeably colder days!!! Brrrrrrrr

I got my Wedding Dress!

I got my wedding dress!!!! Nope, this isn't it. I am not allowed to let Ken see the dress, so I can't post the actually dress on this blog...but needless to say, It's SO PRETTY!!! When I saw it on the dress form I told my little sis, that's exactly the dress I am looking for. I tried it on and it fit beautifully!!! Then the sales gal came in and informed us that that very dress was part of a Trunk Show and only there for that weekend and because of the Trunk Show that dress was part of the select few that were ON SALE for that weekend only!!! Woohoo-SOLD! My dress will be arriving some time in April! :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Whipped out another panta using Sleeping Dragon's Spring Fling. Aren't those colors great :) They are totally me!!! That panta pattern is such a breeze too. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Headed to the Wedding Show at the Washington Convention Center over the weekend. MY FIRST BRIDE THING-WooHOO!!! I thought this display of flowers and candles was really pretty! I left the bridal show with complete fear and shock over the prices of everything. GOOD-NESS!!! I have lots of ideas and the ball is rolling now!!! Next up, wedding dresses and invitations!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pantas and knitting Headlights

I started another panta using the Sleeping Dragon Sock Yarn
I have had lots of questions about where I found the pattern. I came from a link on craftster posted by someone in a knitting group...I had tweeked it a little, so here is my version
Using size 4 needles and Cascade Fixation
CO 19s
Section 1:
Row 1: k1, [p2, k1] x 6
Row 2: p1, [k2, p1] x 6 = 19s
Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 1"

Section 2:
Row 1: k1 [p2, k1, inc1] x 5, p2, k1
Row 2: p1, [k2, p2] x 5, k2, p1 = 24s
Row 3: k1 [p2, k2] x 5, p2, k1
Row 4: p1, [k2, p2] x 5, k2, p1
Repeat 3 & 4 for 2"

Section 3:
Row 1: k1, [p2, k2, inc1] x 5, p2, k1
Row 2: p1, [k2, p3] x 5, k2, p1 = 29s
Row 3: k1, [p2, k3] x 5, p2, k1
Row 4: p1, [k2, p3] x 5, k2, p1
Repeat 3 & 4 for 2"

Section 4:
Row 1: k1, [p2, k3, inc1] x 5, p2, k1
Row 2: p1, [k2, p4] x 5, k2, p1 = 34s
Row 3: k1, [p2, k4] x 5, p2, k1
Row 4: p1, [k2, p4] x 5, k2, p1
Repeat 3 & 4 for 2"

Section 5:
Row 1: k1, [p2, k4, inc1] x 5, p2, k1
Row 2: p1, [k2, p5] x 5, k2, p1 = 39s
Row 3: k1, [p2, k5] x 5, p2, k1
Row 4: p1, [k2, p5] x 5, k2, p1
Repeat 3 & 4 for 3"

Section 6:
Row 1: k1, [p2, k3, k2tog] x 5, p2, k1
Row 2: p1, [k2, p4] x 5, k2, p1 = 34s
Row 3: k1, [p2, k4] x 5, p2, k1
Row 4: p1, [k2, p4] x 5, k2, p1
Repeat 3 & 4 for 2"

Section 7:
Row 1: k1, [p2, k2, k2tog] x 5, p2, k1
Row 2: p1, [k2, p3] x 5, k2, p1 = 29s
Row 3: k1, [p2, k3] x 5, p2, k1
Row 4: p1, [k2, p3] x 5, k2, p1
Repeat 3 & 4 for 2"

Section 8:
Row 1: k1, [p2, k1, k2tog] x 5, p2, k1
Row 2: p1, [k2, p2] x 5, k2, k1 = 24s
Row 3: k1 [p2, k2] x 5, p2, k1
Row 4: p1, [k2, p2] x 5, k2, p1
Repeat 3 & 4 for 2"

Section 9:
Row 1: k1, [p2, k2tog] x 5, p2, k1
Row 2: p1, [k2, p1] x 5, k2, p1 = 19s
Row 1: k1, [p2, k1] x 6
Row 2: p1, [k2, p1] x 6
Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 1"

I used one ball of Cascade Fixation and it came out with the perfect amount of stretch and even had some yarn leftover!
I have also had quite a few questions about this handy dandy knitting headlight and where to find it. Amazingly, your best bet is 7-11 or any other tiny mini-mart. They only have them once in a while, so if you see it-grab it! I love mine, it gives off a suprising amount of light for such a little bugger! Good luck in your search :)

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Camping

Well, we headed off for the beach to do some camping to bring in the New Year. We had hope to do a little razor clam digging, but we were completely unsuccessful at that! Even with the rain and wind we had a good time!! I got to try out my new handy dandy knitting headlight and it worked GREAT!!! I got to knit all night long each day! Two thumbs up for such a super cool stocking stuffer!
I finished two pantas using Cascade Fixation and they turned out pretty cute. Check 'em out!