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Friday, August 04, 2006

Catch up Time

Wow! Things have been going at the speed of light lately!!!
I added on many new colors of roving at A Swell Yarn Shop that I am very excited about! Stop in and check them out and let me know what you think.

I did go to Stitch n Pitch this year, but since we scooted off in the weeeeeee hours of the morning the next day on fishing vaction I didn't get to blog about it. Lisa, my super cool neighbor, went with me and she even learned how to knit while were there!!! You go Girl!!! Stitch n Pitch was fun, but I have to admit I couldn't figure out how to watch the game and knit...still haven't mastered the knitting without looking thing :PThen, like I said, the next morning we headed out long before the sun came up for our annual fishing trip. Shockingly, after a couple days with no fish, this coral covered rock was the first thing to make it into the boat. Very sad!!!
Desperate to get ANYTHING on the boat, we spent 14 hours a day trolling back and forth for 4 straight days. We came home with ONE salmon! This was not a good fishing trip!!!!

I did, however, get a super cool chunky cable scarf knitted while I was up there...it is being blocked right now so I will share a picture later.

With much disappointment we came back into town and heard EVERYONE was catching sockeye on Lake Washington. Still clinging to the hope that we might get some fish in the freezer, we tried fishing again because you can't possible keep getting skunked!!! Shockingly, WE GOT SKUNKED AGAIN!!! No idea what the heck is going, but it is definitely not our year for fishing.


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