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Monday, June 05, 2006

Now you see it..........Now you don't

Well...I have good news and bad news...This weekend was my first weekend back at the Redmond Saturday Market. It was great to be back and I got very lucky with the weather....it's been raining since we got back from Cabo, and Saturday was clear and sunny (at least for the afternoon).
Anyways, the bad news (good news for me though) was ALL of the spindles and ALL of the rovings sold out at the market. It was great to get so many people started on the drop spindle :)
Now the good news is that MUCH MUCH MORE is on the way we will have plenty to put on the website. Ken and I spent Sunday build spindles that now just need to be stained and finished.
Also, here is the yarn that I spun while on the honeymoon....213 yards :) I have the same amount just waiting to get plied too....now I need to start thinking of what to make out of it when I finish............ Any ideas?!


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