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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All the puppies at a petstore ARE from a puppymill

After my last post about petstore puppies being from puppymills I recieved so many responses not only in the comments but sent directly to my personal e-mail about this issue. Some comments were to say Thank You for spreading the word, others were comments that they are certain their petstore puppy is not from a puppy mill.
This is an issue that is just being learned about so most don't know enough about it. This picture is one of cages in a puppy mill. These dogs never come out of these cages, they never get to play, they never get petted, they are lucky if they ever get feed and when they pee or poop, it falls on the dog below.
The fact of the matter is, if the puppy is from a petstore IT IS A PUPPY MILL Puppy.
*A real breeder cares about their puppies as much as you do...would you let a store clerk pick a person to take care of your pet while you are on vacation-of course not. A real breeder would always want to know where their puppies homes are going to be....they would never leave that choice up to a pimpley faced store clerk. The petstore puppy DID NOT come from a breeder.
*But you say, 'I asked and they said it wasn't a puppy mill puppy'
~Of course they said it wasn't from a puppy mill...are they really going to say, "yes- we support cruel and inhumane conditions so we can make a buck".
*Were there more than 2 puppies in the petstore when you went in? If the answer is yes, you know that puppies don't grow on trees, they only grow in puppy mills. What are they odds that all the 'breeders' the petstore supposedly gets there puppies from happen to have a litter of puppies EVERY SINGLE WEEK. They are getting shipped in from puppymills.
*Are the puppies in the store younger than 8 weeks old? No real breeder would, in good conscious, let their puppies leave the mother until it was AT LEAST 8 weeks old- it lets the puppies be at risk for serious illnesses if they are taken away too soon. A petstore, however, can make much more money on a 6 week old pup that a 10 week old put so the mill takes the puppies away at 4 weeks or earlier. The petstore is in it for the money not the health of the puppy.
Any way you look at it, every puppy in a petstore is from a puppy mill. They are continually breed for puppies until they die. Death is the best thing that can possibly happen, because the pain and misery the dogs have gone through is unimaginable.
If you want to learn more about it, please check out this site and do what you can to stop puppymills!


At 9:54 AM, Blogger Liberty's Yarn said...

Keep up the fight, our pets are worth it.

If these people have already bought a dog from the petstore...please just love and keep you pet. And please do some more research before you buy another dog. I have never met a healthy, well-adjusted dog that has come from a pet store. After working in animal shelters for several years, I can safely say that I have met over 25K dogs. It doesn't take long to pick out the petstore dogs.

Besides the obvious cruelty, consider what bad breeding does. Inbreeding creates genetic abnormalities, aggression problems, sickly pups and all kinds of awful stuff that you probably don't want in your living room with your kids. Why do you think we have killer pit bulls, and legislation against certain breeds - it just doesn't make sense to perpetuate a breed that will go into a clients home and attack their kid.

Another point, no real, decent breeder would ever let one of their dogs sire or dam a petstore dog. You can call one an check, go to akc.org, find a link to a breeder and call them. If the dogs from a petstore were 'well-bred', this shouldn't be a problem.

Consider calling a dog rescue for information. I have never met a more impassioned group of people who are so willing to talk (and talk) about their breed.

Sorry for the huge-mongus comment, Angela - I guess I have strong feelings too.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Oiyi said...

Thank you for educating all of us. I think that the people who buy from Pet Stores are in denial.

You are right again. The breeder where I got Napoleon will not let the puppies go until they reach 8 weeks of age and has their shots. I originally wanted a different puppy there, but she was one week shy of being 8 weeks old. The breeder flat out told me if I wanted to buy her I will have to come back the next week (no matter how much I wanted to buy her). Unfortunetly, Maine is a 8 hour drive for me, so I chose a different puppy instead. I do not regret buying Napoleon. He is the best dog ever. Healthy and happy.

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Catherine said...

Keep up the good education -- people need to know about the mills. I've been doing rescue one way or t'other for awhile now. So MANY dogs need homes it makes sense to contact a shelter or rescue group and find your pet there. Hard to think about, and you are a champion to keep writing about it.

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Christine said...

Not only do I know that my dog *did* come from a puppymill, but she was a breeding momma dog who didn't have enough puppies so the puppy mill owner dumps them on the local rescue group. She was housetrained when we got her and perfect at walking on a leash, so she had enough interaction for that. Otherwise, she is totally neurotic and scared of almost everything. She has to be kennelled when we leave the house because roaming free simply freaks her out and she barks all the time then. She is terrified because it is so out of her realm of "normal". (She is a Bichon, she sleeps while we're gone, and she has a huge kennel so she is actually happy there.)

It makes me so sad when people buy new puppies for crazy prices when there are *so* many dogs out there that NEED a good home. Young dogs and older dogs. There are breed specific rescues for almost every breed.

Thank you for spreading the word. These dogs need our help.

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

The state of breeding of purebred animals for the mall set is nothing but a disgusting sitution. People who have no idea what it really means to be a breeder, and how it entails trying to breed traits that are the closest to perfection possiable for that bred.

My mom purchased a mall dog almost 10 years ago. Overall she has been very lucky with him. He has moments of being overly aggressive (if he sees anyone trying to leave he will try to bite your pants to keep you inside)He has allergys, to every strain of grass grown in the US. He needs to be on a special home cooked diet (Dr. Harvey's) cause of digesting problems since being a pup. So basically, he is now taking special allergy shots and homecooked food.

Then my mom being fond of the breed, saw that the store had another schipperke pup a year later. They are still a pretty rare breed in the USA. Well, it came from the same breeder. According to her paperwork her "family tree" is really closer to a Bonsai. She has the same mom as our older male, but his grandfather is her father. She has been sickly most of her life, most likely from the transporting she went thru. My mom got here for "free" cause the store didn't know what to do with her and called my mom. She had kennel cough, e coli in her blood stream, etc. Because she spent so much of her first year in a cage, she has never been able to be fully trained to not just pee. She is a doll.
My experience with pure-breeds is with the felines. They seem to be making complete phsyco-pathic kittys. never mind the amount of birth-defects, considered small but if you know what to look for you will see them.
Was given a Siamese male, they had bred the breed to be so slinky that they are now highly prone to floating ribs......the bottom ribs don't connect to the sternum while a fetus. When you first get them home, because they are so tiny if you do happen to feel anything you might think it's just a herinated belly-button, but it's really a rib poking out. he also had some neurological defects. if he was sitting still watching you, you could see that his eyes wiggled back and forth just a little bit, but rapidly. Giving him a crazy look.
he was way to intelligent, which is true to the breed, saddly a week after we had moved he got out and I hope he was able to find a home where he is now an only cat as he deserved. I dream that he was taken in to someone's home based on his good looks and charming personality and that he has a man to bond with. he came across as that kind of cat. :)

Sorry about the rant. it's a pet peeve of mine too that puppymill breeders think all you need to do is put 2 dogs or cats together and you have profit.



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