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Monday, August 18, 2008

Check out this loaf!

I know on a knitting blog it makes more sense to post knitting pictures....
I could post my progress on a wrap/wide scarf I am working on, but I think I would have to block it out to have the stitch pattern show up.
I could post my progress on another AMIGURUMI I am making, but it will hopefully be a gift for someone and I don't want to spoil the suprise.
I should post the socks I am knitting in Sahara's Sister...I will do that soon
Today, I want to show you my first EVER, PERFECT loaf of bread

Ain't she a beauty?!!!

This may not seem so fabulous to some, but to me, this is big news! I have made lots of loaves of bread at this point...all very tasty. Some deformed but tasty, some super dense but tasty, some burnt on the edges but tasty inside, and on and on. This loaf, this beauty right here is perfect, it's fluffy and round and perfect :)

I am super duper hungry right now, but I had to wait to slice it up just so I could share the picture with you :)

May you have a perfect bread loaf day in your near future!!!! :)


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