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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

July's Lucky Lurker Package

I know that I rarely post knitting progress...some might wonder if I actually do knit! Truth is, most of my knitting I have to do in secret because generally I am working on Lucky Lurker patterns and knitting up the sample in the Exclusive Lucky Lurker Colorway. So not only can no one see what I am knitting...but they most definitely cannot see the colorway I am knitting in!!! So, having said that, I really do knit-ALOT!!! Of course, pretty much every project is something using Duet Yarns.
Anyways, here is what I created last month for the July installment of the Lucky Lurker Club. The pattern is called "That's a Wrap" and the colorway is Sahara Sunset. This pattern (once all the bugs were worked out of the design) took less than a week to knit -Gotta Love IT!
There was such a frenzy among Lucky Lurkers for more of this colorway!!! What an overwhelming hit is was! Since the colorways are exclusive to only the Lucky Lurker Members, I am not able to recreate it again, however I did create Sahara's Sister as a great alternative

A great big welcome to all the Lucky Lurkers in this current round!!! It is going to be yet another fabulous round of yarny and pattern fun!!!! And if you don't see any knitting progress here on my blog, know that means all kinds of good things just for you!!!


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