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Monday, July 21, 2008

Sign Ups started TODAY!!!

Today is the day!!! Open sign ups began for all hopeful Lucky Lurkers!
If you haven't been a part of the Lucky Lurker Club before, here's the low down. Over the course of 3 months (Sept. Oct. Nov) I send out a skein of Duet Yarns in an exclusive colorway never available to anyone else. Each month is a different weight yarn and each one comes with a pattern specially designed with that yarn.
In addition, a welcome package is sent out in August that is sure to get everyone excited about the upcoming months. With every pattern and skein, $1 of each person's membership goes to an animal shelter to help homeless critters. The appreciation from these shelters has been fantastic and it's all in the name of Lucky Lurker Members!
Space is limited because I can only dye a certain amount at one time, so once the club is full-that's it. Every round so far has been sold out. There's only a few spaces left right now and I only posted the openings this morning!!!!
Hopefully everyone that is wanting a spot is able to get it!!!
Happy lurking!!


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