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Friday, March 14, 2008

What Lucky Lurkers get....

If you aren't already a Lucky Lurker Yarn of the Month Club I wanted to share a little sampling of what you have been missing...(I am so bad, aren't I?!)
For three months, Lucky Lurker Members get a skein of Duet Yarns in an exclusive colorway that is never available on the website.
With that exclusive yarn, they get an orginal design pattern created with that colorway.
The spaces are limited...
Thing is, I only have two hands and can only dye so much yarn at a time
so I have to limit the number of Lucky Lurkers members

Lucky Lurkers are always offered their spots in the next round first...

Then I have an open registration for newcomers hoping to become

Lucky Lurker Members

That open registration begins 9am March 24th.

You should know that judging by the number of current Lucky Lurkers e-mailing and asking if they will be able to hold their spot, the number of spaces for newcomers may be in short supply.

The next round of Lucky Lurkers will have patterns for anything from Socks to Stuffed Critters to anything in between...because sock yarn isn't just for socks any more!!!

PS. Yes, the patterns will be available after the close of the following Lucky Lurker round (ie patterns from round 1 will be available on the website during round 3, etc)

Good luck to everyone who hopes to join the upcoming round of Lucky Lurker Club and happy knitting!!!


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