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Friday, November 17, 2006

Instant Gratification

I have noticed that lately I have had a very short attention span with my craft projects....Every project I have started is something that must be finished in a week or I don't want to make it, the socks (which I still can't finish because of my dang wrist-but I am determined this weekend), doggy sweaters, the booties, etc. It's like my instant gratification need has been turned WAY UP!

That must be why I am so enjoying felting! I think of a project while I am at work, go home and grab some fiber and dish soap and create!

So, yesterday I decided I wanted to make a clutch purse...so I did! In one evening! I meant to take pictures during the making of this but I just got so into the rubbing and felting that I completely forgot about taking the step by step pictures.

I am REALLY digging this felting!!! How great is it to think of something and create it and have a finished project in a matter of a couple hours?!

Being the overly multi-tasking girl that I am, while I worked on the above purse I also dyed a variety of solid color fibers so I could try my hand at some design in the felt....maybe a flower here and there or some loopy spirals or something. Who knows what I will make tonight!!!


At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that purse is SUPER CUTE! I gotta try this felting thing....



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