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Friday, October 13, 2006

Pictures of the Day

I can't believe how fast these gals are growing! I think they are twice as big as just a month ago!
Penelope (black one)has a bit of a fiesty personality and has absolutely no interest in being snuggled.
Piper (chinichilla) on the other hand is such a snuggle bug...she will let you pet until the sun goes down and still be happy to get more.

Then there's Pearin...you never know what she's gonna do...She loves looking for trouble and is fearless when searching for it.
If I am lucky enough to cross her path while she is in search of the next thing to get into, she will happily accept snuggles and cheek rubs.....then it's so long, and off to the next adventure.

This last picture I get such a kick out of...Pearin didn't have a moments hesitation when the dogs were wondering through the kitchen...she just hopped on over to check out what the dogs were so excited about. Fearless I tell ya! :)


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