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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sock and Bunny happy

OK, so I think I have gotten a little bunny and sock happy because I have added another pair of each to my collection :)
Yep, I adopted 2 more angora bunnies, bringing me to a grand total of 5 bun-buns! Let me introduce you to Daisy and Daphney. They are absolutely the sweetest things! All the buns are a lot of work, but oh-so-sweet!!!!! The addition of the 2 little girls has caused quite a stir among Piper, Pearin, and Penelope. Penelope has decided she is queen of the pen and has become quite bossy. Since the cages have yet to arrive, I have seperated Daisy and Daphney into their own pen, Piper and Pearin in their own pen and Penelope has a pen all to herself. These are spread throughout the entire kitchen and divided by baby gates and collapseable fences...it's working for now, but they will be much happier when they each have their own little condos :)

And here is a picture of the last pair of Duet Sock Yarn socks. I LOVE THEM!!! 6 days ago I cast on another pair using the Zowy Colorway....they are just waiting for their after-thought heel and they will be done! Photos by the end of the week I think :) These are the coziest socks ever...and what fun to make :)

So I do believe I have gone bunny and sock crazy...hopefully the sock count will soon out number the bunny count :)

PS. Next month is Pearin, Penelope and Piper's second shearing and the first time their fleeces will be prime useable fibers! I can't wait!!!!


At 6:16 AM, Blogger Stacey said...

Such cute bunnies! I bet they are soooo soft! The socks look great - I'm anxious to cast on for some doing contrasting toes and heels. I love the look!

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Oiyi said...

Oh my! Congrats! They are so sweet looking!


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