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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Knitting withdrawls

I have had no time to spare for knitting and I am really starting to have withdrawls!!! I am so close to finishing that sweater that it is making the withdrawls that much worse. We are heading to Sequim for a fishing derby this weekend, so I have high hopes for tons on knitting progress during the drive!!!
On the bright side, I have been trying my hand (or is it my green thumb) at gardening. This picture is some cobblestones I layed along the driveway and some ground cover planted in between. I also put in those flowers and Ken planted that lilac tree for me!!! I also planted a cherry blossom tree in the large planter box not shown as well as tons and tons of bulbs all throughout the yard!!! I am pretty excited and can't wait to see the results.
The bummer part is this darn frosty weather! I had to lay sheets out over the flowers and ground cover to keep them from freezing to death!!!
For our homemade Valentines Day Ken made me a lattice for my camelia!!! It looks great out by the planter box and it is going to cover up that ugly phone line box so well when it gets bigger :)
I ALSO got really crazy and started some seedlings. I bought a couple dozen little seed packets and Ken pulled out all his plant growing supples (because he is actually QUITE the little gardener) and he helped me put together this plant tray. I checked it every morning and evening and was so excited to see these little sprouts popping up this morning...after only 2 1/2 days of growing. I am so excited I want to run out right now and get another plant tray and start some more!!! I may sound so silly being this excited about growing plants, but this is my first time and I think it is so dang cool!!!


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