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A blog about opening A Swell Yarn Shop, knitting and the rest of the stuff that makes life fun :)

Friday, December 30, 2005

The new chunky Swell Yarns are posted and I think this colorway is just dreamy!!! Check 'em out! There will be lots more to come so come back soon, too!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I need to give a bit of acknowledgement to my little sister. Over the summer she was blindsided and hospitalized by a sudden attack. She was shortly thereafter diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In the few short months since then she has taken this life changing disease and has jumped amazing hurdles. She is now a patient advocate for a health magazine and helps others going through the same struggles. She can be heard on Health Talk at http://www.healthtalk.com/multiplesclerosis/programs/10_465/index.cfm I am so proud of you Karla- YOU GO GIRL!!!

Check out what I have been up to...I started this a while ago. It was actually going to be a birthday present for one of my sisters, then I started to worry that she wouldn't like it. I set it aside for the holidays and picked it up last night at the Eastside Stitchers meeting. Now I only have to seam up the sleeves and add a button and VOILA! I am done! I used Araucania Patagonia because I just can't resist handpainted yarns...

Fresh batch of chunky yarns on the way! These turned out so pretty. They are varigated by lights and darks of the same color and are going to be gorgeous when knitted up...be sure to check out the Swell Yarns, these will be posted by the weekend.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This is totally not knitting related, but Ken and I kept my condo when we bought our house and we are now renting it out. It's on Lake Samammish in Redmond, about 1 mile for Marymoor Park and Microsoft. This is actually the view of the lake and pool from the front deck. (It has a back deck too and you can see the lake from that deck too :) ) If you know anyone who might be looking for an apartment to rent in this area let them know that this place is available. The people in this community are amazing and it is an absolute blast in the summer!!! For that matter, it's supper fun in the winter too :P Just drop me an email.

Time Flies

Three weeks have flown by with out a single post. Geesh! Well, truth be told, I was just having so much fun, no time to stop and share!
A few weeks ago, Ken and I headed to Vegas for my company party. I played Black Jack for the first time will I was down there and was totally hooked for the rest of the time. I didn't win any money at it, but I didn't loose any either so I had a great time.
The first night we went to see Mystere and it was absolutely incredible. The things those people can do is amazing...I can't wait to see another Cirque de Soleil, I just can't say enough wonderful things about the performance!!!
Ken and I rented a car while we were there and headed out for the Valley of Fire and Hoover Dam. The Valley of Fire was absolutely breath-taking. The colors and rock formations were such an amazing sight to see. With it only about 30 minutes from Vegas, if ever you have the oppurtunity to check it out, it's well worth the detour!!!
Then we wrapped up the Vegas trip with a bit more black jack and headed home to begin the frantic dash of Christmas preperations.
With our 6' Christmas tree crammed into our very tiny living room, the wrapped presents quickly took over any floor space remaining. It was close quarters for Ken and I through the holidays, but we survived and Christmas day came and every one was spoiled like crazy...yes, that includes each and every one of our 5 critters and the animal shelters I donated food and treats to.
Many family and friends received 'Learn to Knit' sets that Ken and I put together, so I am looking forward to lots of questions and neat knitted projects from a new batch of knitters! I have to try to get everyone hooked, right?!
The clapotis has had very slow progress so I won't bore you with picture updates until there is significant visual progress. I did however get a few batches of One of a Kind fingering weight yarn done through the holidays and I am very excited about the results.
One final tidbit to bring this blog up to date is the sad news that Karen, a fellow Eastside Stitcher, is moving to Utah in just a couple short weeks. I wish her and her husband lots of good luck on their new adventure!!!!!!
And there you have it, three weeks ago to now :) Now maybe with things slowing down, I will be able to knit LOTS more :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Grab your side of the wish bone, close your eyes and make a wish...but what happens when you open your eyes and see that the wishbone is split right down the middle?! Ken and I must have both had excellent wishes and since it broke right down the middle, we must both be getting our wishes granted! Yay!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Finished felting the bag last night! I like how it turned out! The flowers were a great suggestion, they turned out pretty cute too!! Now I just need to line it and it is good to go :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's snowing!!! Yah Hoo!! Ok, so it's really tiny flakes and it's really light, but it's still snow!

Bags ready to be felted! I think the handles are a bit big. I am on round two of the washing and aggitating process and I still feel the handles are a bit long for a little hand-bagam at knitting last night suggested some flowers on the handle or bag...I may do that to disguise the abnormally long handles. But so far I am really liking the results! Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I am using Cascade 220 the color choices are great and I don't see any sign of bleeding between the colors which I was a smidge worried about!