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A blog about opening A Swell Yarn Shop, knitting and the rest of the stuff that makes life fun :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Schaefer Yarns are HERE!!

Schaefer Yarns have just arrived!!! These yarns fly out the door and I am trying to think of something to knit using this colorway before they all get sold out! Hmmm, maybe a long pair of socks, a gorgeous winter sweater, a simple pull-over with those bell style sleeves or even the Clapotis! This was be so pretty as a Clapotis!...choices choices choices. Check out the other Schaefer Yarns that came in. Also, the end of the month is drawing near and the Yarn of the Month will be changing soon...Don't miss your chance for these great summer yarns at great prices! Happy Knitting!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Back from Fishing

Well, I finished the camo-hat that I started on the fishing trip! While I was there, a couple more fishermen decided that they had to have one too, so I have been zipping along on those :) The fishing trip was good and the weather was GORGEOUS- but windy so the water was very choppy most the time! I completely fried my face and had to spend the rest of the trip with a bandana wrapped around it. I had Ken and Uncle Dan quietly laughing behind me when I would greet the fish I reeled it up, with a nice 'hello' or apologize to it while I took the hook out of it's mouth. I figure if they are being nice enough to let me catch them, I should be nice to them :) Here are a few more Fishing Pictures from our trip!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing!! This week I will be in Neah Bay for salmon and tuna fishing! WooHoo!! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and I can't wait. I had a request, from one of the fisherman, for a camouflage beany hat...I figure it will be a mindless enough project to work on while I am fishing. That will probably be the only knitting progress I will be able to make, but I am secretly hoping to finish my kool-aid dyed yarn socks, too! :P

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Kenny!! I know you already had your birthday party and I was too sick to go, I know I forgot that your birthday was this morning (but I did remember that your birthday was tonight-not sure why I didn't put those two together), and I know we are too busy celebrate tonight, but I do wish you a very happy year to come!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And another newsboy hat!! :) I love these hats...which I am sure you already figured out! This one is made with Bollicine Lampedusa which is a wool/acrylic/alpaca blend and quite soft! I can definitely see me making a cardigan out of this stuff!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Button

Check out my button for A Swell Yarn Shop on the left sidebard!!! Pretty Cool, huh?!
I am really diggin' it because I am soooooo not html literate and I actually got it on my blog!!! (Thanks to Diana) WooHoo!!!

Hugs for Homeless Animals

As some of you already know, I collect scrap yarn and knit blankets to donate to local animal shelters. All in a effort to do what I can to make a homeless animal's stay in a shelter a little more comfortable until they find their forever home.
Well I was looking through blogs and found this site which is a much more organized and more wide spread version of the same thing. It gives information on where to donate and patterns for blankets you can knit.
If you have a little time and some scrap yarn, a snuggley blanket can bring so much to a homeless animal's life!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Home Sweet Home. We did it! We finally bought a house!!! It is definitely a 'starter home' but it has almost 1/3 of an acre and LOTS of potential! It is totally remodeled on the inside and Ken will be adding on lots to the outside (including a deck, new garage and adding on a huge master bedroom). The process was fast, stressful, exhausting and discouraging. (So much so, Ken and I both now have super crappy colds). I am glad it's over and very excited to get the deal closed and get moved in. I even get an entire room exclusively devoted to A Swell Yarn Shop . We are super excited and can't wait to see what the three dogs, the cat and the bunny think of their new home :)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

I am soooo loving these Sleeping Dragon Sock Yarns!! New colors have just arrived and they are oh-so-soft to knit up!! With 440 yards on a skein and such great colors to choose from, it's hard for me to decide on just one for my next pair of socks!!! Check out all that came in at A Swell Yarn Shop

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Time Flies

I am a little embarrassed that this is the only knitting progress I have to show for the last couple weeks. This is my kool-aid dyed yarn and I can already tell these are going to be some super comfy socks. I am proud to say that this is my first pair of socks I have made without any pattern!!! Yay Me!!
So what's been occupying all my time, well...weddings, birthdays, bbqs, opening A Swell Yarn Shop , deciding to buy a house with Ken, planning our future, deciding to rent out my condo, moving, house hunting, bachelorette parties, yarn hunting (to carry on the website), house hunting, more bbqs, more birthdays, house hunting, and house hunting. Did I mention house hunting?!
We have been spending every free moment house hunting, trying to find anything that doesn't already have 5-8 offers on it. We hunt in the morning, we hunt at night, I even house hunt in my dreams... it's really sad, I miss dreaming about my knitting projects :)
And that is why I have piddley squat to show for knitting progress... but hopefully soon I will be posting a picture of our new home!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Amphibian Rescue 911

This may look like nothing more than an empty tupperware, but minutes earlier it was a froggy rescue apparatus!
It all started when Guppy was doing his usual sniffing of dark objects on the ground, when all of a sudden he nearly jumped out of his skin. I hurried over to see what he had found. There, very still, in front of a parked car, was the biggest frog I had ever been that close to.
Like any froggy rescue team would do, we jumped to action and we quickly came up with the tupperware rescue apparatus idea. The capture was suprisingly easy and no traquillizers were necessary- not even for me (I am not a major fan of amphibians)! Guppy's enthusiasm for the small creature in the tupperware was highly entertaining. We quickly rushed over to the edge of the lake and let our amphibian friend go.
Now, Guppy wears his water creature name with pride, as he is now the Commander of Amphibian Search and Rescue of Villa Marina- and yes, he does hold his head a little higher. :)