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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I started the Rebecca Apricot Jacket on the plane to Cancun. Since we were going a mile a minute while in Cancun, I didn't make any progress while we were there, but nearly got the back done on the return flight to Seattle. I sat next to a lovely older lady that told me about how she used to knit sweaters for her husband that couldn't fit over his head and that she had thought about taking it up again because her grandchildren wanted to learn how to do it. As we talked more, she told my about her little dog that she loves dearly so we exchanged knitting and doggy stories for the remainder of the flight. The guy on the other side of me (nope, Ken and I didn't get to sit next to eachother on the way back) joined in the conversation about knitting and was telling me about how his mother in-law spins and made a wonderful wool vest coat with an angora collar. He raved about how great that hand made vest was! Knitting brings everyone together :)


At 8:15 AM, Blogger Alli said...

Is it the knitting that brought everyone together.. or is it the fact that you are so cute everyone just likes to ramble on and on with you? Hmm? Cute Lil Angi!


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