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Friday, September 02, 2005

Typically I have the opposite of a green thumb..I don't have a color wheel nearby so I don't know which color that would be...Because of my usually inability to keep plants alive, I am very pleased that I have had this happy and health plant (I have no idea what it is). Ken gave it to me a couple days after we moved in and to my suprise it is still alive and looking great...if it decides to continue being so happy and healthy, I will have to come up with a name for it :)


At 1:50 AM, Blogger Blither said...

A. D. M.!!!!
That is a petunia!! Most likely "Wave". Not sure of the color name, they have so many different goofy names for flowers.
BUT! and I said BUT BUT BUT in the loudest tone! That's my favorite flower, did you forget? You? Never! The woman that remembers every birthday for every body. *Sigh*
It's a petunia.
To keep it happy and healthy (they will last in Washington until late October) Give them a sun, unless its above 90 then just about 6hours a day, miracle grow (they need food.. LOTS! Once a Week), you have to dead head and give them hair cuts or they will seed and stop blooming (lazy person method: cut back all the old looking blooms take the new with the old about 1 inch back, Avid gardners method: pinch off each old bloom make sure to reach below the dead bloom to the green lil star leaf part (right below the dead bloom)repeat every 3-5 days. Water him every other day unless its above 85.. then water him that day and the next, if he has good soil you could probably water every 3-4days, don't water between 11am to 7pm.

If you like him.. Go out and get some vining blue moring glory :)

He is soooo beautiful!


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