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Monday, August 29, 2005

7 Things

I've been tagged by Tara
7 things I plan to do before I die
1. Vacation in Australlia and Paris
2. Be Self Employed
3. Roadtrip across the US
4. Fall madly in love (I guess I can cross that off now- I love you Ken!)
5. Go two-steppin in Nashville and wear a cowboy hat in Texas
6. Donate at least $1000/year(more when I win the lottery)to charities that help save the lives of homeless animals like these;
Save a Sato
Fur Baby
Animals in Need
Toy Breed Rescue
and so many more that I see on Petfinder.com
7. Look back on my life with no regrets

7 Things I can do
1. Knit, Crochet & Sew
2. Make some dang good Tacos & Fettucini
3. See the bright side of almost any situation
4. Multitask like there's no tomorrow
5. Think the world of my friends and family
~even though I don't call any of them enough
6. Make the cutest sweaters for my dog
7. Enjoy math and number crunching

7 Things I can't do
1. Jump off something high
2. Say no
3. Lie
4. Tolerate whining
5. Call or see my friends and family often enough
6. Stop spoiling my doggy and bunny rotten
7. Live with out color - and I don't consider neutral a color!!

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. Eyes
2. Heigth - gotta be tall
3. Hair
4. Confidence
5. Ambition
6. Affectionate
7. Vacation compatibility

7 Things I say the most
1. Say again?!
3. I can't understand a word you just said
5. Goll Darn It
6. Fudgsicle
7. Thank you

7 Celebrity Crushes
1. Matthew McConaughey
2. John Travolta
3. Mel Gibson
4. The guy in 13 going on 30
5. Bruce Willis
6. Angelina Jolie-I may be straight, but she is hot
7. Matthew McConaughey

And there you go...now to find someone else to tag :P


At 10:30 AM, Blogger knittwit said...

BRUCE WILLIS! i can't believe i forgot him!!

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Blither said...

Is Nicholas Cage not Hot?

Thanks Ange :)


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