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Friday, April 02, 2010

Going a different way

With the usual winter slow down for yarn sales still in progress my creative juices needed a new outlet. With baby on the way, I figured I would combine my dying skills with baby neccessities.I came up with these! Tie-dyed and screen printed onesies.
The coolest onesies I have ever seen, (I haven't seen that many, but still-they ROCK)
So I have been learning both screen printing and how to make all the supplies for that AND dying on cotton fibers (which is dramatically different that wool dying). I am having a ball with it....so much so I opened up a show on Esty.
You can find these and lots of other onesies right Here.
These are not your Target or Walmart style here, oh no...these are for the cool & unique babies out there that dress in one of a kind items.
Rock ON!!