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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I Heart Indie Crafts

Over the weekend I took A Swell Yarn Shop out to the public to I Heart Indie Craft Show in Kirkland, WA. What a great time. This was definitely my kind of show...vendors with creations of all kinds!!! There were some of the super cool unique crafts there, if I hadn't been a vendor I would have definitely enjoyed being a customer (I DID do a little shopping!).
What was even more special about it was that my sister Karla also did the show with her super cool neck gaiters (which I bought another one of...just couldn't resist). It was the first time Stitchasaurus was out in public selling her wares. I was very thankful I had my neck gaiter when Monday brought a mini flurry of snow. They are the handiest things EVER (and very soft and cozy to boot!) :)
I am very seriously considering doing the show again in May...only drawback is I will be very very preggo by then :) Stay tuned and to find out if you show A Swell Yarn Shop in person again soon :)


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