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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

25 weeks

Alright, we are at week 25! I would like to say it has flashed by...but I have to admit I am counting the weeks as they pass and how many there are to go.
After another week long horrible cold I survived without any cold medicine, it's hard not to look forward to things like benadryl or a big ole swig of nyquil. The strangest part is I haven't been sick for 20 years-until I was pregnant. And it has now happend twice in the last 6 months!
Truth be told, this does seem to be a wonderfully smooth pregnancy...I am just used to my body working a certain way and not being able to do things throws me for a loop. Like tieing my shoes...I had no idea how difficult that would become. Or when people joked that I would one day not be able to see my toes...I confess, I didn't take them seriously, but I now know that is about a month away. Or how about when you are laying down to sleep, all snuggled in, and baby decideds it's time to practice her dance moves...obviously she is not on the same sleep schedule as me :)So, here I am at 25 weeks...I am officially in maternity pants and far more comfortable than I was when I was still trying to squeeze into my regular jeans!!! I wear maternity tops now too because my regular shirts won't fit around my belly any more. And I am now showing enough that I actually look pregnant and not just like I have eaten too many pizzas! I even got asked when I was due by a complete stranger...I actually thought she was very brave to attempt that question, but it made me feel a lot better about being so rolly-polly!!!
Only 15 weeks left...I seriously need to get my hiney in gear and get some baby things made!!!!


At 9:04 AM, Blogger CrazyFiberLady said...

You look fabulous! But, I'm surprised about the benadryl. My OB prescribed it while I was preggers and stuck in the hospital on bedrest. I took one a night as a sleep aid.

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