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Friday, November 04, 2005

Hi all,
Just wanted to give you Lulu update. She is quite the happy little thing and looooooooves to be on my lap or be carried around, though she is also happy to follow you from room to room.
I think that she is potty trained since she knew exactly what to do when we went out in the yard...we had no accidents in the house. I don't, however, think she is potty trained while on a leash, so a yard will be a must (or at least patience knowing you have to train her to go potty while on a leash)
She is definitely used to sleeping in the bed and is QUITE the snuggler!!! She is still a bit skitish, but this is only day one in a new environment and our two labs are pretty large and are following her everywhere...She will need a quiet, mellow home with no children. She doesn't seem to notice or care about our cat, so I would guess cats are fine.
She is an extremely quiet dog too!
Thank you again to everyone getting the word out about Lulu...she is definitely a sweetheart of a dog and I wish we had room to keep her and that our two big ole labs didn't scare her :)


At 12:03 PM, Blogger Pirate said...

You're a good person and now you just may have a new long term friend. He is a good looking Pirate dog if I have to say so myself.


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