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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Thanks again to the suggestions and encouragement of the folks over at the Lucky Lurker Ravelry Group there are now semi-solids available at A Swell Yarn Shop.
Usually I do very definite different colors within a skein...I like dramatic, bold, contrasting, coordinating, subtle and pretty colors all together. As a dyer, you do what you love. Well, the folks over on Ravelry kept requesting semi-solids. I tried some here and there and the color changes were so subtle that I couldn't leave well enough alone and had to make them more dramatic. This time, however, I just went with it....

I let the be soft and gentle and flow into eachother. I took a breath and decided to wait to see how they looked once they were dry.

Wouldn'tcha know it...those guys were right. These semi-solids turned out GORGEOUS, even if I do say so myself!!!

I did them in both DK weight and Fingering weight !

I was so excited to see these all done, that I made another batch too!!! Those are drying on the racks right now! So, even though some of this batch of semi-solids are already sold out...there are more to come!!!! I am loving these so much, there is a chance they will make a more frequent appearance too!!!

Let me know what you think of them and what semi-solid colors you would like to see!!!!!


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