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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where's the YARN?!

I took a bit of an unannounced hiatus from yarn dyeing because we had some plumbing issues in the house that originally were only going to take a weekend to get fixed.
As the project got underway improvements and upgrades were added which also added a bit more time to the project.
As a result of these upgrades and improvements, I am now fully operational in my own yarn dyeing studio out in the garage!!!!

It may not look all that exciting at first glance, but that is a gas stove in the corner, a utility sized sink with cold and ultra hot water plumbed to it, and a work surface sooooo big that I can't even imagine using the entire thing.

All this in the same area that I currently prep the yarn in.

Seriously, everything is now in one place...OK, not everything-finished yarn still has the safety of a closed off room in the house and I don't forsee changing that-BUT STILL, how super fabulous is this?!

I have already been twirling around ideas for the first batch scheduled to be dyed tomorrow and ideas about all the other projects I can now work on with out having to clean everything up in order to make dinner.

This is a yarn dyers dream come true- at least this yarn dyers dream :)

Wish me luck getting everything hooked up and organized today...I have lots of supplies to move out of the kitchen :)

The chickens get some weeds

I have had a number of requests for a 'chicken' update. This is my first video on my blog, so I hope it works....This is the chickens getting their favorite morning snack; a big ole pile of weeds!!!!! They are so much fun to watch-which I never would have guessed when we decided to add them to our back yard. The funniest bit of it is when one chicken will take a leaf or something out of the big ole pile and run away. The rest of the chickens go chancing after as if that is the very best piece in the whole pile. Never mind the remaining mound of other weeds they can have :)

They have their chicken run now too, so when the chase is on it's even more entertaining to watch them run through both areas!

We are sooooo digging having chickens. I only wish we had done it sooner! Can't wait for the eggs that will begin in about 8 weeks or so. That is just an added bonus to all the entertainment they are already giving us :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Are you kidding me????

Today is April 1st and unfortunately the scene outside is no joke. It is snowing! UGGHHHHHH!!!
Generally, I am the first to welcome the white flakey wonders enjoy the brisk chill of the breeze it brings, but this year is a little different.
All through 'winter' I welcomed the white fluffy stuff with appreciative thoughts...even as I had to have my hubby take me to the post office to safely drop off Lucky Lurker packages in 18" of snow.
We roped a sled to the back of a pick up and enjoyed local sledding fun.
We enjoyed what we had while we had it, thinking it would some day go away.
That was over 4 months ago. My appreciation has worn off!!!!

This year I have little chicky girls newly outside that I want to see happy and comfortable not thrust into the harsh cold temperatures of a season past.

I have seedlings that are over taking our kitchen because I can't put them outside to get aclimated because it's too darn cold. I have another tray ready to get off the little germinating heating pad and there is just no room left for them!

It's been so soggy we can't get the plastic on the green house and so cold we can't put the plants outside even if we could.

I am just ready for spring. So April Fool's Day-you've had your fun, the jokes on me. Now bring on the sun!!!!!

Coolest Coop on the Block

For the chicks four week birthday they got moved out to their super cool coop!!!
4' x 10' construction complete with a loft area housing 3 comfy nesting boxes and a removeable roosting ladder. Unit comes complete with an overwhelming 9 roosts total. That's an individual roost for every single hen!
Traction bumps on the ramp to the loft area make easy access for even the whimpiest chicken.
2 seperate heat lamps in the loft and downstairs make for cozy nights and warm days.

Flooring consists of chopped straw and loose dirt; ideal for scratching hens ready to do some scrounging.

Permenant deluxe chicken run in the works. 8'x 10' construction for frolicing the day away or restless afternoon when a hen just needs to stretch her tail feathers.
Can you tell I have been spending a lot of time on real estate websites?
Seriously though, this is a super cool coop and the girls are loving the new ground to investigate!!
Pictures of the chicks to come, I only have video of moving day so far.